Don’t Be Afraid Going A Trip If You Are An Introvert

There is more cliché about introverts today than truth. In fact, we live in such an open society, where a lot of new information and investigations appear every day, we still believe that introverts are entirely anti-social, shy, afraid to go out and become plant-houses, not humans.

Therefore, this might be a big surprise, introverts are also very keen to go somewhere or maybe even dream of making a big trip around the world. But the fact is, introverts work very well by meeting new people, visiting strange places far and away around a group of people traveling. They may just take time out of themselves here and there, to renew the energy they feel when they are around a group of people.

Perhaps, another important thing different from the person who is an introvert person from an extrovert person is the number of problems that arise before the start of a journey. No matter how she or he decided to travel – with friends and family or alone – the preparatory phase could suck such a person. Not because they are lame or can not plan. Instead, people tend to have some ‘B’ plans for every possible situation.

We all know it’s almost impossible. Therefore, we see how many introverts live where they are because sometimes they are afraid of losing something important. Let’s go through some of the most popular issues because we aim to keep them away for good.

Traveled with a group of people

Planning a trip with others is undoubtedly a big, time-consuming problem. If you are not a person who loves all organizational merchandise, it is not a reason to cancel the journey itself. There is always someone in the group who wants to take responsibility for planning budgets, routes, meals and any kind of entertainment for your long journey. You do not have to lead in that part if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Still, you need to think about the preparation needed for yourself.

Make sure you plan a trip with the right people

With this statement, I mean people, who will be fine with your childhood to live alone. They should not be offended by the fact that you may need some activity or ‘lazy days’ to renew energy levels. This is an important part of you, do not try to hide or ignore this fact, because it can ruin your trip and your partner.

Make sure you always have a place to ‘hide’

When organizing a trip, make sure you always have a room key if you suddenly feel the need to go back, while your friends stay outdoors. Another possible variant is to book a separate room at the hotel you plan to visit. This will keep the group together, but you have the opportunity to have your own time when needed.

Plan specific group activities

They can not only be parties with many new people your partner may enjoy. There are many ways to get together without actually interacting, but still, have fun. Visit shows, movies and cinemas. It is a place where you can feel comfortable around others and not lose too much energy.

Go to the museum section

A museum is the perfect place for both: introvert and extrovert. You may quietly talk and walk in groups or use the option to roam alone through the exhibit.

Traveling by yourself

Traveling by yourself may sound terrible because there are so many threads in this world! You may be robbed, killed, while you are sleeping on a train, lost and eaten by wild animals. All right, let’s face it real. Very unlikely something bad will happen. Leave it alone. The world is full of good and generous people, so you’ll always get through a very sad situation. But it certainly can not start without a good plan.

Keep your security

Yes, you most likely will not get killed, but someone might steal your money in a public place. Keep your savings divided into different pockets so that you will lose some of them in that case. Also stay away from the friendly suspicious people. It’s always better to trust your gut.

Make a plan

Include everything you want and may need, such as staying alone in a hotel room together by making new friends through other places.

Maybe books, iPad or smartphones are full of music. If you feel bored in line or at the bus station, you will have something to keep your mood enjoyable.

Confident of yourself

Traveling by yourself does not make you an anti-social fraud. This is a good time to enjoy your thoughts and views, or in a suddenly changing mood, you are always free to find a company. Fortunately, the Internet has allowed a simple way for it.

Traveling is always a valuable experience that will stay with you throughout your life. Do not deprive a chance to go to a place. Make a basic plan and open yourself up for adventure. Have fun with friends or even your own!

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