The Power of Drink – Juicing vs Blending

I work in a cafe and we served so many drinks. We have cold & hot drinks like coffee, tea, juice, smoothie, etc. The most favorite in my cafe I work are the smoothie and the juice which have many variants flavored. One day, one of my colleague argue each other about blending and juicing. First person said that blending is better because it easier and can make delicious smoothie. But the other person said juicing or use juicer is better because it is more quite than using blender.
I think it doesn’t matter which one is better because everything has its weakness. So I try by myself and give the review in here so I can look another opinion of blending vs juicing. I’m not going to say one is bad, the other’s one is good because I like simplify thing in this society, right? Plus, I don’t like complicated things too.

So I already tried the two things and I want to say that I like JUICING more.

First let me say why Juicing is better than blending.

The Noise

I have a sensitive hearing and if I hear too much noises it will drives me crazy. I just don’t want to come back to my E. N. T doctor. So what I can say is I don’t really like loud noise. When I try to make strawberry smoothie with a blender (I don’t know of the type and name because my boss has so many) ┬áit really loud and I don’t like. It feels like when your next neighbor turned on the music with a high volume and he listens a high metal music until you can hear in your room.

But when I use Juicer, it’s totally different from that noisy blender! Juicing is much more quiet, much more calm, and a lot of quiet so Juicing is not going disturb your peace and your environment.

The Taste

Once again, I admit that juicing is better blending because it produces a good taste.
When I try to make carrot juice with blender the texture is very thick and it looks like a baby food or porridge. Then I taste it, the taste is good but what I don’t like is the thickness and it still remaining of the pulp. Then I juicing the carrots with blender. Of course the texture is different, it much more juicy. Not forget to mention it, the carrot juice produces a few pulp than the carrot smoothie.

The Variations

One of the reason I work in the cafe is I like making a drink, and making a drink of course need a skill to make a delicious drink. One of skill that my boss applied me as his employee is my skill of mixing. Yeah, you can say that I’m a mixologist. I like mixing something especially drink. Maybe after this I want to quit and get a job at the bar. Just kidding, I love present job.

Okay, the last thing why juicing is better is you can mix a fruit and a vegetable if you want to make something variation and you love mixing something. Because I love mixing something so I make fruit and veggies juice with a juicer. I use apple, orange, and pineapple for the fruits, then I use carrot, spinach, tomato, and beet for the vegetables. I combined them with a juicer and the taste is very delicious. Not just delicious, but the nutritions in them can make you healthier.

Then I remake with same ingredients but I use blender to make a smoothie fruit & veggie. I don’t know if smoothie such that is exist but there is nothing wrong to try something new. And the result is…. I’m not saying the taste is bad but the taste is really funny but I’m not sure I can finish it or not. So this smoothie fruit & veggie is totally different with the juicy one. I think you can’t mixing anything that so random when blending. Because you need to peel the fruits and vegetables first before blending them. Meanwhile you no need to peel the fruits and vegetables.

So that is all my review about argumentation of juicing vs blending. Give your feedback or your review about this topic so I can know another opinion not just from my friends.

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